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7 Paramounts is one of the leading confectionery company in Pakistan. Our company specialized in the products of bubble gums, lollipops, candies, toffees and chews etc. We have established our robust presence around the world through our valuable products. We also provide the customize packaging as demanded by our valuable customers along with product innovation used with high quality of packing and raw material.

The company is crossing the years with great success through collaboration of our highly qualified technical and business professionals. We also have a source of employees that obsessive in work dedication who manage the timelines of the customer’s orders. We have a well-resourced latest equipment, and techniques and encounter the contemporary challenges which is getting from the customers to increase the periodic demands of the time. Our goal is to ensure the best customer value proposition is delivered in every corner of the country.

Our Exports

Our company proudly exports our product globally, with a strong focus on establishing a significant presence and fostering valuable partnerships in the thriving 
African market.

Private Label

We offers private labeling services. Retailers and businesses can create their own branded confectionery products with 7 Paramounts’ expertise. Quality and customer satisfaction set them apart in the industry. Explore their Private Label section on their website for more information.